The workshop series empowers students through a design thinking journey with the help of entrepreneurs & coaches. Each workshop is 10AM-Noon @ REV: Ithaca Startup Works and includes a panel discussion with entrepreneurs sharing their experiences, followed by hands-on mentorship with a team of coaches. The goal of the workshop series is to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Tools are provided to help students ideate and rapidly iterate ideas that they can share with the community through a series of markets.


Design Thinking & The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Students explore design thinking and start to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset while developing "side hustle" project ideas.

Guest Speakers: Katie Foley (Silo Food Truck), H Pierce (H's Earrings - youth entrepreneur)


Project Planning & Sustainability

Students rapidly iterate and develop their ideas with the assistance of planning tools, to create a sustainable "side hustle."

Guest Speakers: Sarah Clausen (Sparks and Embers) & (Press Cafe), Ayden Githinji (Solar Smithed - youth entrepreneur)


Budgeting & Financial Planning

Students develop a budget to explore what it takes to make their "side hustle" achieve their desired goals.

Guest Speakers: Diane Cohen (Finger Lakes ReUse), Vanessa Fajans-Turner (Investable Oceans), Adrien Lavine (Green Lavine - youth entrepreneur)


Marketing & Telling Your Story

Students prepare to launch their "side hustle" into the community while developing their brand story and their pitch to investors.

Guest Speakers: Rick Bayo (GreenScene Lawn & Garden), Grace Quagliata (Sew Unique - youth entrepreneur)


Fish Tank

Students interested in additional resources for their "side hustle" have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to local investors.

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