"Adapting to Change"

In a time period when organizations and individuals have had to rethink their model to meet the challenges associated with COVID-19, our 2021 curriculum was focused on the theme of adaptation.

Our entrepreneur speakers shared personal stories of how they evolved their business models during the pandemic, and we updated our curriculum to learn how to take a business idea online in addition to our traditional focus on outdoor summer markets.

Started March 20th



The workshop series empowers students through a business planning journey with the help of entrepreneurs & coaches. Each workshop includes a presentation from entrepreneurs sharing their startup stories, followed by hands-on training sessions with a team of volunteer coaches. The goal of the workshops is to help students conceive and refine their idea, and then bring the concept to the public through a series of open-air markets or online marketplaces.


Idea Generation & Social Impact

Students brainstorm and refine their ideas to develop a focus for the remainder of the program.

Guest Speakers: Amanda David (Bramble), Bella & Amila Mazza (Peach Me I'm Dreaming)


Building a Business Plan

Students develop their ideas with the assistance of a business plan worksheet, answering a series of questions that guide their planning.

Guest Speakers: Jason Goodman (Grabanzos), Elaan Greenfield (Metal Smithery), Aubryn Neubert (Prime Jewelry Co)


Budgeting & Financial Planning

Students develop a budget to understand details such as projected revenue, expenses, and pricing.

Guest Speakers: Heather & Bruce Lane (Purity), Aubryn Neubert (Prime Jewelry Co)


Marketing & Telling Your Story

Students prepare to launch their businesses into the community, while developing their personal story, their pitch, branding, and marketing.

Guest Speakers: Samantha Abrams (Emmy's Organics), Amina Zamani (LinkedIn & Zamani Coaching Group), Gavin Hoffman (GA Studios)


Financial Literacy & Planning

Students explore tools and best practices to manage finances generated from their new businesses.

Guest Speakers: Chris Kirby (Ithaca Hummus), Gladys Brangman (Business Leaders of Colors)

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