The workshop series empowers students through a business planning journey with the help of entrepreneurs & coaches. Each workshop includes a presentation from entrepreneurs sharing their startup stories, followed by hands-on training sessions with a team of volunteer coaches. The goal of the workshops is to help students conceive and refine their idea, and then bring the concept to the public through a series of open-air markets or online marketplaces.


Idea Generation & Social Impact

Students brainstorm and refine their ideas to develop a focus for the remainder of the program.


Building a Business Plan

Students develop their ideas with the assistance of a business plan worksheet, answering a series of questions that guide their planning.


Budgeting & Financial Planning

Students develop a budget to understand details such as projected revenue, expenses, and pricing.


Marketing & Telling Your Story

Students prepare to launch their businesses into the community, while developing their personal story, their pitch, branding, and marketing.


Financial Literacy & Planning

Students explore tools and best practices to manage finances generated from their new businesses.

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