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The last two years have given everyone time to pause and inquire about what's important in life. Through this inquiry, many are discovering the value of having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our entrepreneur guest speakers in 2022 shared personal stories of how they evolved their passions and interests to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We updated our curriculum again to focus on helping students explore what it means to "Be the CEO of your life!" AND, we will create a new theme for 2023.

Resuming in the Spring of 2023



The workshop series empowers students through a business planning journey with the help of entrepreneurs & coaches. Each workshop includes a panel discussion with entrepreneurs sharing their personal stories, followed by hands-on training sessions with a team of coaches. The goal of the workshop series is to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Tools are provided to help students conceive and refine an idea that they can share with the community through a series of open-air markets or online marketplaces.


Idea Generation & The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Students explore what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset while developing "side hustle" project ideas.

Guest Speakers: Amrit Singh (Indian Milk & Honey), Nia Nunn,Ph.D. (Ithaca College & Southside Community Center)

Time & Location: 10AM-Noon at REV: Ithaca Startup Works


Project Planning & Sustainability

Students develop their ideas with the assistance of planning tools, to create a sustainable "side hustle."

Guest Speakers: Evan & Mary Foster (Suede Sauce Co.), Lucy Farmer (BirdsBotanica)

Time & Location: 10AM-Noon at REV: Ithaca Startup Works


Budgeting & Financial Planning

Students develop a budget to explore what it takes to make their "side hustle" achieve their desired goals.

Guest Speakers: Via Carpenter (Via's Cookies), Matt Kisloski (Visions Credit Union)

Time & Location: 10AM-Noon at REV: Ithaca Startup Works


Marketing & Telling Your Story

Students prepare to launch their "side hustle" into the community while developing their brand story and their pitch to investors.

Guest Speakers: Sarah Clapp (Sarah Clapp Photography), Tal Oron Cohen (Ba-Li Cravings), Corey & Kevin Adelman (Bickering Twins)

Time & Location: 10AM-Noon at REV: Ithaca Startup Works


Pitch to "Investors"

Students interested in additional resources for their "side hustle" have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to local "investors".

Guest Judges: TBD

Time & Location: TBD

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